oh goody that anxiety is back

lexi are you getting my asks? bettycrockercorp

french teacher: ça va?
me: ça va HELLA, et toi?
Just 8 months ago Tumblr was all, ''Don't applaud your group of people through the put-downs of another group.'' or something. What happened to that mindset.

honestly ive seen many people on tumblr be incredibly hypocritical for a while now. its a huge back and forth between putting down skinny girls and then thinking thats wrong and then back to putting them down, and ive even seen people putting down people who cover their acne with makeup? and thats just??? incredibly hypocritical bc so many people are like “oh everyones beautiful” and “people can use makeup to please themselves not just to please men/others” and like???
its just incredibly ridiculous sometimes.